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Our Story

Emerging from Orange County, California, Shorebreak got its origins after their lead guitarist, Alex, and bassist, Davis, got together to jam on a few songs. Soon after, they called their friend, Ethan to join as the drummer. This led to the early makings of Shorebreak. Later on, Makenna, their lead vocalist, joined the band and currently, our newest addition is our keyboardist Mia Rinaldi. Shorebreak believes strongly in working hard and creating a friendly space in the band, as well as everyone they work with. With five driven, independent, and talented teens, this band has strong leadership and dedication that pays off through their music and performance.

Makenna Olsen (18)

Makenna Olsen (18) is a senior in the Musical Theatre Conservatory at the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana. She is a singer-songwriter who enjoys performing above all else. During quarantine, Makenna joined her first band where she met Alex and Ethan and would continue on to be the lead singer in Shorebreak in September. Since then, she has enjoyed performing and releasing her first single, "Take Me Back" by kenna james which you can now find on all streaming platforms.

Alex Hartman (17)

Alex Hartman (17) is a senior in the Popular Music Conservatory at Orange County School of the Arts. He began playing guitar when he was 9 years old and hasn't stopped since. Music is his ultimate passion and he has taken up bass, drums, singing, songwriting, and production along the way. He met his fellow bandmate, Davis, 4 years ago through a common band and he met Ethan and Makenna through a mutual band he was a part of.

Ethan Q (17)

Ethan is a senior at El Toro High School, in Lake Forest. He has always had a passion for music and has been playing drums for about six years. Ethan joined his first band at the early age of ten and has been involved in various bands ever since. Ethan enjoys all types of music, but with Shorebreak, he has really opened up his taste and has acquired a great appreciation for all musical genres. Besides music, Ethan enjoys playing volleyball, both club and on his varsity team at school. In his free time, Ethan enjoys going to amusement parks with his friends!

Davis Rogers (17)

Davis Rogers is a senior at JSerra Catholic High School. He plays varsity basketball at JSerra and is the bassist of Shorebreak. He enjoys playing gigs for big crowds and joined his first band while in 6th grade. He has been playing bass and guitar for 6 years and hopes to continue to play live music through college.

Mia Rinaldi (16)

Mia Rinaldi is a junior in the Popular Music Conservatory at the Orange County School of the Arts. She is a keyboardist who loves playing the synthesizer and the piano. Shorebreak is her first band and she is excited to be along for the ride